A year on Astereth is approximately 604 days (also known as cycles) or the revolution of the two largest moons around Astereth, which is 342 cycles for Lunis and 262 cycles for Polnexa. The years are separated into 12 months which are then separated into about 50 cycles each. A month consists of about 7 weeks, and a week is 7 days long. A full year on Astereth is equivalent to 86 weeks.
Solori (the sun) rises on the 26th of Sunpray and sets on the 1st of Castsun, because of this there are 2 major seasons which are then divided into 4 “demi-seasons”. The 2 major seasons are aptly named Everdark and Everdawn. Everdark begins on the 1st of Castsun and ends on the 25th day of Sunpray. During this time it is generally very dark save for the light emenated from the four moons which can be minimal at times. Most of the settlements among Astereth are well equipped with various light sources whether mechanical or of magical origin, some have even dedicated the 1st of Castsun to a festival called “The Lighting of Lanterns” (see the Holidays and Festivals section for more info). Everdawn starts on the 26th of Sunpray and ends on the 1st of Castsun. During this time it is completely and constantly light outside, there is virtually no night. Solori reaches its peak during Harvest and then starts “die out” and eventually set on the 1st of Castsun.
It is the general belief that the gods take Solori away after it sets so they can ” recharge it”. It is also highly believed that if they don’t pray for the first 25 days of Sunpray that the gods would deem them unworthy and unfaithful and Solori would be lost for 1 whole year.

Month Holidays/Events Number of Cycles
Sunpray people pray for the return of Solori for the first 25 cycles 51
Endwhite none 50
Harvest Feast of Arahliss 50
Reapgrow All Fools Day, Feast of Life 51
Cropseen Day of Serenity 50
Brightglow none 50
Castsun The Lighting of Lanterns 50
Warmend none 51
Whitefall Festival of Ice 50
Chilling Day of the walking Dead 50
Frozeover Day of Remembrance 50
Endyear Endyear’s Descent 51

The typical way to say a date on Astereth is as follows
Year/Month/#(’s)/cycle/ . For example to say it is the 6th day of Chilling in the year 392 A.G.R., one would say “392nd year A.G.R., Chilling, 6th cycle.”

Holidays and Festivals


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